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  • Emma is amazing, she read for me & knew things no one, not even my husband knew & things she has said & warned about have happened.

    Michelle Heaton. Singer, Actress & TV Personality
  • I found Emma on point with her predictions & she really helped me with some big decisions I was looking to make. She has a lovely warmness I instantly connected too.

    Lauren Pope. Actress, Model & TV Personality
  • I've had two readings with Emma now & both times I've been blown away by her true insight.

    Gemma Oaten, Actress
  • Emma was amazing, it freaked me out a little bit! I'm looking forward to see all about the predictions.

    Holly Darricotte. Hello Magazine
  • I loved Emma’s reading! It was amazing what she knew about my past and what she predicted about my future. Watch this space.

    Caroline Millington. Now Magazine
  • It was great to see someone who has such a natural gift at such a young age. I felt at ease with her personable manner.

    Elaine Hayward. Bella Magazine
  • I loved my session with Emma, from listening to my future & reflecting on my past. I really enjoyed myself.

    Suzanne Carter. Woman's Own
  • Thank You Emma for the fantastic reading!

    Lizzie Cundy. TV & Radio Presenter
  • Everyone check out Emma Kinsey Psychic Medium as she was amazing.

    Jasmin Walia. Actress, Singer & TV Personality
  • Loved talking to Emma, she guided me through the call & told me spot on things relating to my life that nobody would know. I cant wait to see her face to face.

    Stephanie Davis. Actress
  • Thank You Emma for an amazing reading.

    Shirlie Kemp. Singer & TV Personality
  • Now I'm not a great believer in these things but Emma Kinsey gave me a reading that was INSANELY ACCURATE, Do Try.

    Mark Dolan. Comedian, Writer & TV Personality
  • Fantastic reading from Emma – very accurate and I can’t wait to have my next one. Thank you so much!

    Gemma Merna - Actress and TV Personality
  • One of the most talented psychic mediums in the UK

    Sarah-Louise Bailey - Life In A Breakdown
  • The team could not believe how accurate Emma’s readings were. They were genuine and inspiring, we all had an amazing experience.

    Closer Magazine
  • Emma is amazing – very accurate, I highly recommend her. I can’t wait to have another! I don’t know why I left it so long to get a reading!

    Nathan Henry from Geordie Shore
  • Emma’s readings are flawless.

    Reveal Magazine
  • Loved my reading with Emma she has an incredible talent.

    Jaymi Hensley from Union J
  • My reading was totally unexpected and the results even more so. She resolved some questions that I needed to be answered and what highly accurate in areas of my life and wanted to know more about. All in all I found the experience comforting and revelationary and would highly recommend her and will be using her again.

    Nick Ede - Public Relations/Style Consultant & TV Presenter
  • Emma our paths were destined to cross! Everything happens for a reason and on a day where I was feeling very down you came into and brightened my life. Thank you so much for an amazing reading! It was so accurate and a very spiritual and emotional experience which I will never forger and always treasure. I'm so glad I shared it with you, my friend Emma x

    Julie Kelly
  • Towards the end of August 2011 my daughter Niamh and I arranged an Audience Night with psychic medium Emma Kinsey. This was held in Kilkee , Co. Clare – a first for this area. When we had discussed it with Emma she insisted that all proceeds from the evening would go to the local West Clare Mini Marathon Cancer Care fund.
    We sold tickets in advance of the evening, which was easy to do as everyone wanted to support the fund anyway. To our pleasant surprise everyone who bought the tickets turned up, and we filled the local Community Hall to capacity. Everyone attending expected Emma to stand on the stage, but she surprised them by standing in front of them. From the start she tuned into so many people, many messages for those who were self-declared sceptics. She was able to give them information that only they would have known about their departed relatives. This was very emotional for the people involved and we made sure to have plenty of tissues available. At the interval those people she had dealt with came to Niamh and me to say how comforted they felt with the messages they had received. The second half of the evening was the same, Emma tuning in, getting messages and passing them on to the people involved….and most importantly she did not need any prompting as to whom the messages were for – she zoned in on the person/persons straight away, being guided by her spirit friends.
    All in all, this was a very successful night, both for Emma and for the local Cancer Care Centre. Emma’s reputation as a Psychic Medium was already being established, but this Audience Night sealed her reputation as a formidable Medium. At the end of the evening there were queues of people looking to book appointments for private readings for the two weeks she would be in Kilkee, of which there were a few available. Everyone, without an exception, said how amazing she was and how comforted they felt by the messages they had received from beyond.
    And we raised €1,300 for the local West Clare Mini Marathon Cancer Care Centre. THANK YOU EMMA.

    Berni Anslow-Casey
  • My name is Sharron Kocil and just over 3 yrs ago I tragically lost my son Harley…
    Since this devestating loss I have been in constant contact with the most amazing woman Miss Emma Kinsey….I cant put into words how much comfort and ease Emma has given me in her telling me that Harley is always there and that he is pain free and happy and just knowing I can stay in contact with him through Emma helps me get through every day of him not being here with me…Emma will always be a big part of my life and my familys life…
    Emma is a very talented, compassionate, caring warm young woman whom I love very much and always will…xxx

    Sharron Kocil
  • Emma gave me my first ever reading, before this I was very sceptical about the existence of the spirit world. I was mesmerised with the experience I had and soon realised how gifted she was, Emma knew more about me and what had happened in my personal life than some of my closest friends, she used this knowledge to give me clear guidance and direction in my life. I came out of the reading feeling so much better about everything! Emma brought through a good friend of mine who had passed away suddenly. She was talking about some great times we shared, including when we went on holiday together nearly ten years ago. Before my reading Id never had contact with her so I was amazed with what she was saying. It was a great feeling to know my friend is at peace and always with me wherever I go.I had my reading in October and was told I was going to buy my first house with my brother next May, at the time this came as a shock as it hadnt even crossed my mind. Seven months later, on the 30th May, we picked up the keys to our new home! These are only a couple of the great stories I have from my experience with Emma, and will continue to see her every six months for a reading.
    Thanks for everything!

  • I met Emma 2 years ago at a friends house for a reading. I have had readings in the past so I knew what to expect. As soon as I met Emma, she made me feel so welcome and at ease.Emma’s reading startled me, I didnt realase that someone could tell me personal things that had gone on in my life and be so spot on. Of couse I wondered how she knew, but what supprised me the most was the things that she told me was going to happen, which I thought could not be possible, untill they did and my mouth hung to the floor. Of course, this meant I wanted to put Emma in my pocket everyday so that I knew what was going to happen before it did lol. I think I will have Emma in my life for a very long time.
    Emma is truely amazing. She is compassionate about what she does, friendly and comforting, with a zest for life and a gift to make others happy.

  • Emma’s reading has helped me to understand the situation I was passing through and to link all the things I knew but couldn’t see. Emma was very accurate and gave me courage to continue and she predicted me a happy end. Emma connected with my mother and father from the spirit world, even though they weren’t English speaking, it was a very emotional moment, even though this was an email reading. Emma is was very helpful to me and she really has shown me the light. I definitely recommend her to everyone, I cant wait for her next reading…
    Thanks Emma for being there.

    Irene C
  • Emma has a very special gift, it is not only that she can connect to the spirit world but her accuracy in her predictions. In my case all her readings so far have been very emotional and happy. My grandparents had connected to her from the spirit world and gave me important messages. Emma is a real channel of light and love. I thank her so much for all she does for others, she probably doesn’t realise how good she is doing readings in person or by email. I really recommend her to everybody, she wont disappoint you. Love and light.

  • Emma I am most grateful that I have been giving the chance to get in touch with one of the greatest mediums, if not the greatest medium I know. Your readings are warm and come from a place of love, apart from being AMAZINGLY accurate. Your readings have helped me so so much since my partner died and our daughter was born (which you predicted without knowing I was pregnant at this time) Things I said and done which no one knew and which confirmed to me that my partner is still around and also things you said in your email readings were just as my partner was talking to me. One time I remember you wrote in your email reading that my partner was goint to leave a feather near the place where our daughter sleeps. Well that evening I went to put our daughter to bed and there was a feather in our daughters bed just where her head lies. I cannot describe how grateful I am for your gift. It has given me so much comfort and strength and I am happy that I can always come to you. I also know that you come from a place of heart…thank you for your generousity when you gave a free reading on the birth of our daughter. I cannot thank you enough for your warmth, your love, your accuracy and for making it possible to link to my love who I miss so dearly. Nothing can buy what you are giving to the people who are grieving so much, for it means the world and so much that words cannot describe it. I also know a few people who just came for a general reading to you and needed direction in life and they were amazed on what you picked up. With you definately Heaven has sent an Angel on earth.
    I would always recommend you without any daubt to everyone who is looking for a wonderful medium which they can 200 % trust.

  • A few years ago I was the biggest critic of psychic mediums, I thought the whole thing could never be true……It was only when myself and my brother visited Emma……..she told us both things which no one could ever know!!! She told me things were going to happen to me in a few months which would change my life, it would involve me moving abroad. She could see tall buildings and yachts. At this time of my life I had a settled job, house and was happy….2 months later I was living in Dubai !!!! Since my first reading with Emma I have told many friends to visit her and every single person said to me how amazing she was!!! I have now had several readings from Emma and every single one has been different and so specific to that moment in my life. She really is an amazing talent, I would recommend her to anyone… This is a big statement to make….. But if it wasnt for Emma, I dont think I would be where I am today ….She has given me strength and confidence in myself to chase my dreams!

    Ben Marks
  • I lost my Dad through an agressive form of cancer in 2007. He was given 2 weeks to live and my whole world was turned upside down. So many questions were left unanswered, too many unknowns. I wanted to know that my dad was proud of me, and where I am in my life. I also wanted to know that he was in a good place and was still with me spiritually.I went to see Emma as a non-believer. I have heard of people seeing psychics and being told things but never really believed it. At the same time, I went with an open mind and wanted to see what happened. Straight away Emma connected with my dad, she was talking about personal items that no one could ever have known about, my heart was racing,I felt nervous and scared but as the reading went on I became more at ease. What was really interesting about my reading was how upset Emma was getting. It looked like she had made a real connection and was somewhat stirred by the reading. Emma made me see things through a different perspective. I am a strong dreamer and would regularly dream of my father and have conversations with him, but when I woke up I would feel low realising that it was only a dream and not real. Emma made me realise that it is actually real, that is how I connect with him. Since then, every dream I have with my father is a blessing and fills me with joy and positive energy. Spiritualism is difficult to understand for some people. Emma will guide you down avenues you never thought to explore and you may be surprised with what you find. It was the 5th anniversary of my Dad’s passing in April this year and Emma sent me a real heartfelt message on the day. This messgae meant a lot to me and helped me get through a difficult day and remind me that my father is always looking over me. Thank you Emma, you helped me put some bad memories to rest and fill me with reassurance.

    Dan Jones
  • Dear Emma, As you may have “guessed”, I have started to investigate my own mediumship, and it’s all thanks to you. Last year after only briefly meeting you, and having a most wonderful reading from you , we ended up doing an open show at charleville together, what a night!.. You doing readings for the audience, me well I just took the money at the door and then stood in awe at the back of the room and watched!. What a show it was, readings so accurate many of them very poignant, some even funny smiley ones!. For me what was most amazing of all, was that I stood there in full knowledge that neither you nor I knew any of these people. Charleville isnt your exactly home county , its not even in your home country…haha .! I overheard the chatter as people arrived, talking to each other in hushed voices , asking who you were etc etc. You poor lamb, where so nervous, espeically as eurovision was on that night, and we half expected no one to turn up!.. When that show finished, the air was electric, and as people left , many faces reflected the happy messages and news you had brought. I was so thankful to have been thrown together with you through a random set of circumstances. Thanks to you I stopped doubting myself, thanks to your readings for me, I have found peace and happiness. Emma Kinsey ….like Coca cola, are the real deal xxx keep smiling 🙂

  • I have had three readings done by Emma in person and one email reading. The accuracy in what she does is amazing. For example, my sister died in 2009 from cancer, she was only 41years old and I felt as though I never got to tell her some things before she passed. Emma picked up on it and told me some very specific details which shocked me. When the reading was finished I was in awe of Emma and her ability. From that day on the healing process began and instead of crying over the loss of my sister I actually feel her closer to me and I find myself smiling when I think of her. I will forever be grateful to Emma for what she did for me. Her gift is truly amazing and she is one of the warmest bubbliest people I have the privilege of knowing.

  • Miss Emma Kinsey……….so many words describe this beautiful person, too many to list but to name a few- Talented or Amazing. I first met Emma through a mutual friend of ours and I was a total sceptic, I was so nervous to be meeting her for the first time as I didn’t know what to expect. As she started to speak it was the most surreal experience and in my own mind there were many things I wanted her to say and messages I wanted/needed to hear and one by one all the things and more came out of her mouth. My dad whom past away when I was just 4years old came to her for me…..he said he was sorry he never got to say goodbye to us, he spoke about my mum and Emma was was also able to tell me that it was to do with his head how he passed, my father died suddenly of a Brain Haemorrage age 32, Emma’s head and neck hurt a lot the whole way through that first reading too. Obviously these are just a few snippets from my reading but you get the the picture. I’ll never forget my experience meeting Emma for the very first time and the way I’ve felt since, like my dad is always with me and now sometimes I speak to him like he’s right next to me because that’s what she does for you, she lets you know your loved ones are always there, that they never really left .
    So for this I’l be forever grateful to this wonderful angel walking amongst us, Miss Emma Kinsey xxx

  • I have had three readings with Emma and every time have been blown away by her accuracy. She picks up on situations straight away without asking questions, makes outstanding predictions and gives names and initials of both spirit and earth side connections to you. I have hosted two psychic medium evenings where Emma has carried out readings for people and both times everyone has been amazed by her abilities and so impressed with the accuracy of their readings. One person who came to the most recent event was truly shocked when Emma’s prediction that her ex would be back in contact by the end of the week actually happened. Another couldn’t believe she knew about the loss of her husband a few years ago via a motor bike accident and about her new partner, who was separated but still married, as she hadn’t told anyone at that point. From personal experience I have found listening to Emma extremely comforting, I lost my mom at a young age and have recently lost my dad and the way in which Emma has described them was as if she had known them herself for years. She gave both their initials and described the conditions they passed from. She has told me that May linked to my dads birthday and that April linked to my sons birthday, which is accurate, she picked up on a relationship I find difficult in the family, which no-one really knows about, she even suggested their initial correctly! She picked up on a miscarraige that I hadnt told anyone about and named the football club where my brother works and my dads wake was held at.
    If I was to write everything that Emma said to me that was right or that had come to light I would be here all night, she truly is a gifted lady and I would highly recommend her if you would like a genuine psychic medium to give you an outstanding reading that will leave you feeling uplifted.

  • Emma is an amazingly gifted psychic medium. I have had readings from Emma over the last few years and also hosted psychic readings nights at my house for family and friends to share Emma’s gift. Her spot on and comforting messages from spirit bring so much closure and peace of mind to those who have lost loved ones, as well as messages of guidance for current situations and things to look out for in the future. I would highly recommend anyone to go to this genuine psychic medium as you won’t be disappointed!

  • This was my first reading I wasn’t expecting much from this but I was given some really good encouragement from my nana. I had been wanted a reading for sometime but was waiting for the right person to come along. One of my good friends recommended Emma to me and put me in touch with her. I was put at ease from the moment I met her she made me feel dead relaxed and welcomed.
    I would recommend Emma to all my friends and family

  • I went to see Emma last year, I had never been to a psychic medium before but I had heard such wonderful things about Emma I said id give it a shot. I lost my brother Damien 8 years ago, he was only 22 years old and I never really got over it, I was hoping Emma might have a message from him. As soon as I sat down Emma started telling me stuff that no one else knew only my brother and I.I was shocked and amazed at how accurate she was,not only about my past but about my present also.I also felt my brothers personality come threw as Emma passed on his messages to me, it truly was a great experience and has brought me tremendous peace. I will miss my brother till the day I die but thanks to Emmas gift I now feel close to him again and can smile when I think of him instead of being sad. Emma is truly gifted she is a wonderful lady with an amazing gift and I cant thank her enough for how much she has helped me and my family.
    Thank you Emma for sharing your special gift

    Lorraine Clohessy, Ireland
  •  I had my first reading off Emma around two years ago. I had never had a reading of any sort done before and didnt know what to expect. She immediately put me at ease with her outgoing bubbly personality. It was amazing and gave me back a lot of confidence with my life to carry on the path laid before me.
    Over the past two years she has given me around 3 or 4 readings, usually about every six months and has also read for my teenage children. The youngest was too young but he wanted his fortune told like mom so she read his cards using the term Angels instead of spirit. I sat there and listened in awe as she told him things only I knew and watched as he smiled and relaxed in her company. I will list just a few of the predictions Emma has given to my family and I.Told me I would be moving before christmas two years ago. I moved at Christmas at very short notice. Said I would pass an important exam…I eventually did didnt think I ever would! Told me I had been speaking to my nan who passed years ago then told me the words I had said!!! I then got my answer via Emma and my nan in spirit!! Told me I would go to Tenerife last year… the time thought it impossible…..I did. Told my eldest he would get his own flat near a River. He now has that flat in the Riverlin Valley near to the river. Told my youngest he would go on a special residential school trip. Told him it would be in March. He went in March this year, twelve months before we even knew about it. These are just a few of the non personal things Emma has told us.There are many more that leave me asking ”how did she know that?” She knows because she is a genuine, very gifted and talented psychic medium. Since seeing Emma I have experienced other mediums and psychics but none as professional and accurate as Emma.
    Highly recommend a reading with her.

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