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A VIP Audience

with Emma

Limited to

30 or 60 


An exclusive demonstration of mediumship connecting members of a small audience with loved ones that have passed.

Find out why Emma is said to be the UK’s most gifted Psychic Medium & the #1 choice of so many celebrities.

Emma’s VIP Audiences are a unique opportunity to watch her demonstrate her unbelievable gift in front a select number of people. The audiences give Emma the opportunity to validate her mediumship by passing on messages from loved ones to the audience as well has helping her bring comfort and peace to more people. Although Emma cannot guarantee everyone who attends a message there is of course a far greater chance of receiving one compared to demonstrations that have hundreds of attendees. The VIP audiences are held in cosy, comfortable settings compared to the standard large ball room layout making the event much more personal and intimate for those that attend. As well as those who already have an interest in mediumship the audiences are also suited to those who may want to discover more about this fascinating area of spiritualism. Individuals as well as couples/groups are all welcome.

Upcoming Events:

Tour Dates Coming Soon 

Please ensure you have booked to attend an event direct through Emma’s website or FB page before making any payments making any payments as no refunds can be given once payment has been made.


Buy tickets for a 30 person audience (£25pp)

1 x ticket (£25)

2 x tickets (£50)

3 x tickets (£75)

4 x tickets (£100)


Buy tickets for a 60 person audience (£19pp)

1 x ticket (£19)

2 x tickets (£38)

3 x tickets (£57)

4 x tickets (£76)



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